BERG Ingenieurdienstleistung

The company BERG idl GmbH exists since 1970 and consist of an engineering office and a mechanical engineering company.

We are the professional partner for all industrial sectors, in which innovative ideas are constructively developed and practically implemented.

We realize numerous innovations, from the idea to the product, and build efficient machines and installations. Our construction office works with the most modern CAD programs and our mechanical engineering company is optimally equipped, to realize your and our ideas in a most flexible way.


Retro Flachschleifmaschine In 1970 Gerhard Berg founded in Hockenheim a small firm for the manufacturing of fixtures and welded constructions. Even as a small firm, Gerhard Berg Vorrichtungsbau, was able to convince customers from the beginning how efficient a flexible manufacturing shop can be.

Quite a few of the customer contacts we have today go back to the beginnings of the firm Gerhard Berg Vorrichtungsbau. The company was passed down to the second generation in 1998, and was continued, under the trade name Berg idl GmbH, with even bigger success.



Today, the company BERG idl GmbH realizes the most different developing and mechanical engineering projects. Ideas without boundaries are in great demand in every industry. Special knowledge and thinking outside of the box show us frequently surprising possibilities, whose realization have turned BERG-idl GmbH into a innovative expert for new products. That way, business relationships last for years and during the realization of national and international projects, numerous patent applications have resulted as a side product of our work together.

Our team consist of 15 members of the occupation categories:

  • Mechanical Engineers (university)
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Technical Product Designers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Machine Building Technicians
  • Precision Machinists